about us

We rock... No, seriously, we do.

"The times, they are a-changin'" in the recruitment advertising world and that means your ad agency should be changing right along with them. Of course, we have a long history in the industry... over 30 years now. Our team consists of a good combination of old and new characters all working with the same goals in mind.

Now, we've heard that not many people love what they do but, at David Wilson Associates, we have more good days than bad. Whether working on a new pitch, brainstorming for new ideas or planning our next BBQ, we always put our best foot forward. We thrive on creativity and competition, whether playing another company in softball or volleyball or competing on an RFP, we want to win.

We believe we work harder than the competition, and always with our clients' best interest at heart. Because in the end, your success directly reflects on our success and our success starts with our employees.

Our Team

David Haverty, President
Hi, I'm David. I earned my BS from Providence College. As 28-year veteran of DWA with 29-plus years' recruitment advertising experience, I oversee account services agency-wide. On the weekends you can find me working on my golf game.
Robert Wilson, Vice President
Hi, I'm Rob. I earned my BS from the University of Hartford. With over 20 years' experience, I'm now overseeing the Indianapolis office.
Brackett Tucker, CTO
Hi, I'm Brackett, a graduate of UNH with 33 years' experience in the printing and publishing, advertising and technology industries. I manage the technology here, designing and implementing innovative solutions for data management, and providing Web and applications development expertise for our clients.
Tara Dahlstrom, Account Executive
Hi, I'm Tara. I earned my BS at Babson College. I've been a part of the DWA team for over 10 years. I enjoy writing, photography, movies, and generally being creative. I love any sports (especially kickball) and games, and I'm an expert Rock Band drummer. Basically, at work and at play, I love a good challenge.
Wendy Callahan, Account Executive
Hi, I'm Wendy.
Alexandra Mracna, Account Coordinator
Hi, I'm Alex.